2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Sunday 31 October, at 10:30am via Zoom. All members of the parish are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate in the meeting: either online, or using a home phone.

Depending on restrictions at the time, it may be possible for a small group also to gather outdoors at the church building and join the meeting from there. Please contact the vicar or one of the churchwardens if you are concerned about how to participate in the meeting.

We look forward to meeting in person in 2022!

Use the links below to view documents relating to the Annual Meeting:

Notice of proposed change to Parish rules for meetings and officers

Electoral enrolment form – please complete and return this form if you wish to join the parish electoral roll and plan to attend the Annual Meeting

Nomination form for election as churchwarden/parish councillor/member of incumbency committee

Note that due to the difficulty in obtaining signatures due to current restrictions, the following process is also acceptable:
1. Nominator sends an email to chris.lancaster@anglicanaltlav.org.au, copied to the seconder and the person being nominated, stating: “I nominate NN for election as a churchwarden/parish councillor/member of incumbency committee” (as applicable).
2. Seconder responds by Reply-All, stating: “I second this nomination.”
3. The person being nominated responds by Reply-All, stating: “I assent to be nominated.”