Growing in faith: August-September 2020

Growing in faith is one of the three mission intentions of our parish. During this period where COVID-19 requires many other activities to be suspended, everyone is welcome to join one (or more) of these conversations as we grow in faith together.

All these conversation groups will meet using Zoom:
– To join a conversation using a computer, tablet or smartphone, simply click/tap the link. (If you are using Zoom for the first time, you will be prompted to download the app.)
– to join a conversation using a home phone, dial (03) 7018 2005. When prompted, enter the meeting ID followed by #, the passcode followed by # (if required), then when asked for a participant ID, press # again.

Richard Rohr’s chapter “Two Witnesses to Jesus and Christ”

Richard Rohr is a widely regarded Franciscan friar and teacher. His book ‘The Universal Christ’ came out in 2019 and, like all his works, is grounded in strong theological and biblical teaching with a fresh contemporary perspective. In this chapter he explores how ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ are different and united through the eyes of Mary Magdalene and Paul.  Over three sessions we will study and share together what they each witnessed.
Click here to read the chapter.

Conversation host: Dean Mason
Meeting times: 7:30pm on Tuesdays 25 August, 8 and 22 September
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Meeting ID: 817 2869 6804

COVID19: a time of trial; but is it also a time of opportunity?

Gathering online over three weeks, we hope to take a careful, thoughtful and prayerful look at the impact of COVID19 on our Christian community, both locally and on a broader scale. We will attempt to identify and bring out into the light those aspects of our lives as Christian people which have been affected, both negatively and positively, in recent months.

We might consider how care for one another in body, mind and spirit, particularly for those among us with special needs, has been affected.

We might consider whether isolation may have provided an opportunity for some of us, being unable to continue with the normal run of life, to enable their ‘inner selves to grow stronger’ as St. Paul says to the Ephesians. And what might Christian community look like after COVID19?  What has our experience of ‘Church’ over the past few months taught us about the strengths and weaknesses of our way of living as a Christian community?   How can we build on what we have experienced to enable us to live as a Christian community in ways that better sustain us and which are more accessible to others who might be looking for a richer way of living?

We will also consider some historical situations in the life of the Church which might assist us in developing our appreciation of our recent experiences and and in providing encouragement for our hopes for the future.

Conversation host: Richard Hallett
Meeting times: 7:30pm on Wednesdays 19 August, 2 and 16 September
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Meeting ID: 826 0516 4046

When I Pray

William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury said: “When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don’t, they don’t.” What an incentive to pray and what better a time than this forced period of isolation. So, lets get together on Sunday 23rd August at 10.45 am set up a prayer journal and watch what happens when we pray this week. Then, let’s meet again and share what happened. Bring a cup of something hot, a candle, flowers from your garden, any note book, pens, pencils and something to decorate it with.

Conversation host: Kathleen Alleaume-Ross
Meeting times: 10:45am on Sundays 23 and 30 August, and 20 September
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Meeting ID: 614 146 6870
Passcode: 575602

Prayers and Intercession

The intercessions (Prayers of the People) are a central part of our worship together. There is always scope for more people to join the roster of those who lead these prayers. If you’ve led intercessions before or are just interested in considering what’s involved, this group will give an opportunity to explore what’s involved and how to go about it.

Conversation host: Michael Francis
Meeting times: 7:30pm on Wednesdays 26 August and 9 September
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Meeting ID: 731 8998 2224
Passcode: 5XgiZN

Sharing faith in our families

One of the tasks of the Church is to share the faith from one generation to the next, growing children into followers of Jesus. The first and most important place for this to happen is in the home, but sometimes that is easier said than done! These conversations are a chance for parents and care-givers to share questions, experiences, ideas and longings for the faith of our children.

Conversation hosts: Anna & Chris Lancaster
Meeting times: 7:45pm on Tuesday 15 September and Thursday 24 September (NB note change of date)
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Meeting ID: 831 8696 5493