Remembering children still on Nauru

Nauru children Fridays

In September we began ringing the St Eanswythe’s bell each Friday afternoon to remember refugee children held on Nauru. We ring the bell once for each child – in September that number was 102.

There are currently (as at 23 November) 12 refugee children being held on Nauru under the policy of the Australian government. Many of them are suffering from acute mental health conditions. Medical experts, humanitarian organisations, the United Nations and many others are calling for their urgent removal to a stable country with adequate medical resources to care for them.

Here is a statement from faith leaders on Australia’s treatment of refugees on Nauru and Manus Island.

To read a background document (as of September 2018) on the situation of refugee children in Nauru, click here.

Click here to sign a petition calling for the transfer of all refugee children still held on Nauru.

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Kids Like Us from Richard Keddie on Vimeo.