Mark’s Gospel

As we come to the end of the “Year of Mark”, where most of the Sunday gospel readings are from Mark, it’s a good time to revisit the whole of Mark. Here are some online resources which are well worth watching:

Actor David Suchet reads the entire Gospel according to Mark, at St Paul’s Cathedral in London:

Stained glass windows update


The Creation Window was re-installed this week, following restoration, flattening and cleaning. The colours have come up beautifully and the newly added brass bar across each panel will help stabilise the windows into the future. We look forward to similar work on the remaining windows requiring attention.


All Souls’ Service

All Souls 2

Are you feeling the loss of a loved one, whether recently or not so recently? At tomorrow evening’s annual All Souls’ service, we remember all those whom we have loved and lost. It’s a reflective service with readings, prayers, music and silence, and anyone is welcome.

The book of Job

Over the next few weeks our Sunday readings take us through key parts of Old Testament book of Job: an extended meditation on God, human suffering, justice and faith. In different styles, here are two great short videos which help us to understand what the book of Job is all about: