Our people

We are an all-age community from infant children to great-grandparents. Some have lived and worshipped in this parish all their lives, while others have only come to Australia in recent months. We come with our questions, hopes, doubts, joys and sorrows, for these and more are part of the life of faith.

Together we minister to each other and to those among whom we share our lives: family, friends, neighbours, strangers. Everyone is welcome to join us on the way of Jesus Christ.

Leadership in the life of the parish is shared between the clergy, churchwardens and parish council:


The Rev’d Chris Lancaster

Assistant Priest and Pastoral Minister in the Maori Community

The Rev’d Danny McRoberts


Anita McAnda, Graham Wood

Parish Council

Donita Dennis, Sandra Hansen, Rudy Hodges, Jan Lee, Dean Mason (Treasurer), Anita McAnda, Julie Rees, Tania Sinclair-Camilleri.

Our Parish Council has developed a covenant which shapes our way of working together and exercising leadership in the parish:

PC Covenant 2018